「 B U L L  R O A R 

i closed my eyes and sweared

"if this prayer come true, i need nothing, nothing else"

If you’re afraid of change
Then watch me from a distance.
If people are going to blame me 
Whether I’ve done something or not
I’ll just do things my way.



Bon Voyage favorite songs



"Fighter/Gift" Covers - Mika Version


"Fighter/Gift" Covers - Miliyah Version

If my life was short like that of a flower
I would bloom beautifully by your side
And after having seen your smile
I would wither silently.

Moments. 浜崎あゆみ


Kana Nishino new single “We Don’t Stop” out May 21st.

The limited edition will come with a different cover than the regular one, plus a DVD featuring a digest video from the November 5th and 6th stops of her fanclub tour, “The Nishino Family Party 2013”, held past autumn.

Full 3-song tracklisting has yet to be revealed.



Tonight’s sunset sky Is tender just like you
Don’t let it be a dream this time, I screamed
"Don’t go"

just let your mind & body free, all for the sake of your sexy


Soul Eater OP1
Resonance by T.M.Revolution

take me back

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