Hi. I'm using theme 2, and just had a question. I was wondering if in the sidebar, if there was a way to make the description completely invisible. Because you know how you can sort of see it through the sidebar image? Yeah, that. Ha.

Look at me, here I go answering questions all late and shit, hahaha

But the answer to that question is:

On the customize page, uncheck the Fade Sidebar Image box. This makes the sidebar image completely opaque and the description will only show up when the image is hovered upon.

I haven’t done anything theme-related in a while, so I actually forgot that that was an option. Whoops.

This theme was supposed to be out two weeks ago

Sadly, that was around the time Tumblr decided “HEY, LET’S FUCK SHIT UP FOR THE THEME MAKERS”

and ever since then I haven’t felt like it

like, I’m still wearing the rough draft, and that’s not even done - after I DO finish that, then I have to go back, clean it up, change the colors, etc. (have y’all guessed what colors I’ll be using yet, btw?) 

also, whenever I open up Dreamweaver to continue working on it (or Photoshop, to make graphics for the Disney blog), my brain just ends up going

I’m not over-worked or anything, but my job can feel REALLY draining sometimes (and I’m like super-anemic and underweight, which does not help any). Also, my birthday is next week, but I’m already feeling the beginnings of a quarter-life crisis. Trust me, guys, I DO want to continue making graphics and themes, but…IDEK anymore.

theme master post (alphabetical by url, A-M)


Theme creators A-M. If you can think of anyone who isn’t already on this list/make themes and want your url added to this list, let me know and I’ll add them/you! (If letters are missing, that means there are no/I couldn’t find theme creators with beginning with that letter.)

If you’re like me, you have trouble finding a theme when you’re ready to change yours. I search far and wide, trying to find a theme I like, but I just can’t. There are masterposts, but they are incomplete/only have a select few theme creators. So I decided to put together a masterpost compiled of every theme creator I could find, regardless of whether I personally liked their themes or not. Have at it. (:

(part 2, theme creators N-Z & #s, here)

-alyxaerou | affectingyou-themes | agronsanderpuppy | apparatedasianluvatidalwave

baskervilllesbaudelaired | bieberarts | blatantly-evil-chancellor 

canadianbeibahcanadiankidcatoniss | ciaosmos | cindiecmbatman | cocorini | coldsatelliteconfunded

daenerysnow | dailygrangerdamadellagodarkparadisethemes | destroyerdimkabelikov | dontbeasourwolfdrunkniall| durance | dystopie 

elyxiremarasemmeliaettudis | evaeoneverlark

faluvthathemesfeelpayne | for-justinfudgerooo

galefire | galeismineiamhis | gaylordlouis | girlmilkglamorous-dreamsthemes | glowstick- | gnny | gwencoopsgyapo

haffalumphale-benson | hankaiharlequinthemes |heartens | hellmouthshoranland | -hoshi | hotlimit

icatchingfire | ijicky | imaloriginalincavothemesirishmine | itisjustmyself | itsacrimethemeitsharrysitsmannnyitsniall

jbam-themesjeremyfuckingmckinnonthemes | jinqyosjoshdevines| juurou

kanghyukkeverdeenkidrauhl | klausexualskwanten

labyrinthinesl-antoniasthemes | lexiegreylisteningtoyouigetthemusiclmthemes | loonylunas | lordskisslosdirections | lostemaslovablesinss | lovegoods

magicbloodmanatopia| maoppaimaraudersthemesmarkedandtied | maytheoddsthemes | mcsthemesmeinparfumthemes | missskinnylovem-tyrellsmynameisflickthemes | mystic-blood 

hey look
I’m in someone’s masterpost 



And here we are; my THIRD THEME!

I did say I wanted to give masonry a crack this time, and I totally managed not to screw that up! HOORAY! I have to thank Jyuubi a thousand times over for providing the masonry code.

I’m actually planning on posting a non-masonry version, but as my Internet time is limited today, that will probably be up tomorrow, so stay tuned!


This time, the title ISN’T optional! Yeah, the theme just won’t look right without it.

A couple of notes:

Please do not use this theme as a base, redistribute, claim as yours, or remove the credit. Very BAD desu.

Also, please LIKE this post if you use this or any other of my themes. The number of likes vs. the number of hits for each code is waaaay disproportionate and I don’t like making things for unappreciative people.



OMFG it’s my second theme! I’m sorry that there really isn’t too much difference between this and the first one. I just started a new job and honestly, it’s kinda draining. ): Please excuse the seizureriffic GIF as well; tumblr’s being a butt again.


Once again, the sidebar title is optional because I don’t use it.

A couple of notes:


gyapo (corner player code)
heartens (sliding sidebar idea) 

Please do not use this theme as a base, redistribute, claim as yours, or remove the credit. That’s triflin’ as hell, man.



Welp, here it is, the theme I’ve been yammering on about! It’s not the first I’ve ever coded for Tumblr, but it IS the first one to go public. And it only took six days to complete! No, really.


EDIT: I FINALLY found the workaround to the Infinite Scrolling problem in Chrome, and it is now an option. CELEBRATE! CELEBRATE! C’MON AND CELEBRATE! I also went back and cleaned up a LOT of code, as well as added an input box for the music player.

You may or may not be wondering why the title and subtitle are optional. Simply put, I NEVER display ‘em. At all. One look at this blog or the Didney blog will tell you that. I wanted people to be able to choose, though.

A couple of notes:


baudelaired/gyapo (sliding sidebar image idea)
ettudis (for providing the Infinite Scrolling fix)
evaeon (text selection code)
ixora (music player tab code)
nearly every theme maker ever (hovering permalinks)

Please do not use this theme as a base, redistribute, claim as yours, or remove the credit. That ain’t cool, man.